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HObsequio Group was founded by industry veteran Dr. Gil Keinan with a focus on simplifying and standardizing processes and reporting. Dr. Keinan's experience covers over two decades in real estate, start-up technology, and asset management with top private equity & REIT fund management. Before starting HObsequio Group, Dr. Keinan had oversight over more than $1.5B CRE AUM and was involved in +$1B equity and debt transactions.

Our firm has a strong network of connections within the industry and with the larger brands and management companies. We successfully mastered relationships with local, county, state and federal government agencies, and understand how to position & navigate successful Private-Public Partnerships to maximize value from tax increment financing, tax credits, Opportunity Zones, grants, and other public incentives. 

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HObsequio Group associates are experienced in hotel accounting, reporting, compliance and asset management. We train our team to translate complicated asset issues into actionable plans that rely on rigid data analysis. As part of the our data-driven approach, we partner with leading firms in legal, audit, IT, and advisory to offer a comprehensive 'one-stop-shop'.


 Gil Keinan


 Cindy Koifman   

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